About Dashler
Dashler builds things that make browsing the web faster, easier, and more productive. We make it easier to discover and connect with the best the web has to offer. As the internet evolves, we see a vast potential for connecting information in ways that (until now) have relied on user savviness, one-off tools, or just a lot of searching.

We envision a future where users are united with the information they seek without having to jump through hoops or relying entirely on search engines.

Please, let us know how we're doing.
What Dashler Is and Isn't
Dashler is not a search engine, encyclopedia, dictionary, social network, URL shortener, video website, news aggregator, website analytics provider, blogging service, stock analysis tool, e-mail provider, etc.

Dashler is content to let others innovate in these areas. As they do, we make it easy to discover and connect with the best of these services.
Who's Behind Dashler
Dashler is a bootstrapped start-up founded by Sam Mati. Some animals that he ate were harmed in the making of Dashler.

A special thanks goes to family and friends that have supported him during the on-again off-again development of Dashler and during the past two years. Non-special but significant thanks goes to the creators and participants of the following: Apache, Linux, Linode, PHP, Firefox, FireBug, Hacker News, and the internet.
Dashler Is For You
Dashler's sole purpose is to make your browsing experience more productive, fun, convenient, and valuable. Very few things give us more pleasure than to hear about how much you love or hate Dashler, how you believe it could be made better, how you're telling all your friends about it, and how you're linking to it from your blog, or how your day is going.

Please don't hesistate to tell us by clicking here.
Which Browsers Dashler Works With
Dashler aims to support as many platforms as possible. IE6+, FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera should all work with Dashler products.

However, there are two requirements: Cookies, and Javascript.
Dashler Multi-Search
Dashler Multi-search aims to replace your current homepage by providing a fast and easy-to-use interface to the search providers you most commonly use.
The left side contains a list of "Search Providers". You can instantly narrow down the list of providers, and find more providers, by typing in the "filter" box. By entering a tag, such as "books", you can discover relevant search providers. Use the tools menu to add or remove search providers to and from your list.

Once a search provider is selected, you can instantly search with it by using the search box in the center of the screen. You can toggle between various search providers, allowing you to see results from multiple sources, by clicking a search provider on the left, or by the hitting "up" and "down" keys on your keyboard.

When you've entered a search term, "Go" links will appear next to each search provider, and to the right of your search term. These links will take you to the corresponding results pages. You can "middle-click" or "control+click" with your mouse to open the results in a new tab.
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