Finally, a toolbar you actually want to use.

Dashler is a toolbar that opens up on top of any webpage.
It's free, easy to use, and makes surfing more productive and enjoyable.
Watch the video demonstration or Try it out.
Bookmarking: Effortless bookmarking, instant search.
Shortcuts: Connect highlighted content with other websites.
Synchronized: Access Dashler from any computer and browser.
Customization: Intuative drag and drop interface.
Tools: Modify the page you're viewing (remove ads, etc)
No Download, No Registration: Get started in seconds!
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Saves Time
There's no more need to open a new tab, wait for a page to load, type in your search, and finally load the results.

Instead, just highlight text and get results without ever having to leave the page.
Useful Shortcuts
Want to look up something on Wikipedia? Need to quickly define a word? Need to pull up a map? Curious as to how much traffic a site gets? Want to translate a page? Stock quotes? Weather?

There's a shortcut for everything.
Powerful Bookmarking
Just drag and drop any link on the page you're viewing to bookmark it. Dashler will fill in the title and tags for you.

You can instantly search through anything you've bookmarked by URL, title, and tags.
Synchronize & Customize
Access your Dashler from nearly any computer and browser.

Customize your Dashler's layout by using drag and drop to add, move, and delete items.
Discover the Best
With hundreds of useful shortcuts in our database, you'll find it easy to accomplish any task.

Browse shortcuts and tools by popularity to discover the best of the web. Or, you can view shortcuts related to any page you're viewing.
Awesome Tools
Run javascript on any page you visit to:
• Increase Page Readability
• Remove annoying ads
• Change the font-size / color
• Run developer tools
• (many more)
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