Dashler is a bookmarklet. When clicked, it opens up a toolbar on top of the webpage you viewing.

On the right of the toolbar are 3 important icons.
Your Bookmarks
Your Bookmarks is a folder that contains all the pages you've bookmarked. Drag and drop any links into this folder to bookmark a page.
To instantly search your bookmarks, click on the icon and a dialog will appear.
Quick Find
Quick Find allows you to search for tools and shortcuts.
You can drag and drop any items that it finds right into your Dashler toolbar.
Main Menu
This is the Main Menu of Dashler.

Within your toolbar, you'll find the following types of items:
Shortcuts allow you to access other websites either on-screen or in a new tab. Very often, a shortcut will use information from the page you are viewing, such as the URL, domain, or highlighted content.
Also known as "bookmarklets," tools run snippets of Javascript. They often modify the page you are viewing in a beneficial and specific way.
You can add your own bookmarks or bookmarklets by drag and drop. Then you can search for things you've bookmarked, by title, URL, or a custom description.
How to move an item
Click on the item's icon, hold the mouse button down, and move the item. To cancel the action, you can drop the item anywhere not on the toolbar.

When the item is dragged over a spot where you can drop it, it will turn blue-ish. The spot that it will be dropped will have a green indicator.

You can drag and drop items into folders or subfolders by hovering over the folder or subfolder for a moment. It should open up and allow you to drop it within.

Once you drop the item, Dashler will indicate that the change has been saved by showing a "saved" label in the upper left.
How to remove an item
Start dragging the item. The right-most icon (usually the Main Menu) will turn into a trash can:

Drop the item on the trash can to delete it.

Note: You cannot undo deleting an item.
How to create a folder
To create a folder, go to the Main Menu and select "New Folder"
How to send feedback
We love feedback! To send any sort of feedback, go to the Main Menu and select "Send Feedback".
Dashler offers simple, easy, and powerful bookmarking.
How to bookmark the current page
To bookmark the current page, go to the Main Menu. A link of the current page will be the first item in the menu.

Click the bookmark, or drag and drop it to anywhere in your Toolbar.

When adding a bookmark, a dialog will appear which allows you to set the name and description of the URL. Filling these in allows you to easily search for the bookmark in the future.

Note: For convenience, the URL name and tags will automatically fill itself in with data from
How to bookmark any link on the page
All links on the page can be dragged and dropped, just make sure you've opened the Toolbar up first.

To bookmark an item, drag and drop it into "My Bookmarks". You can also drag and drop the item anywhere into your Toolbar.
How to search My Bookmarks
To search for a bookmark, simply click on the "My Bookmarks" icon
Shortcuts allow you to connect the current page with another web site. Shortcuts will use information such as the current page's URL, title, or any highlighted content.
How to use shortcuts
To open a shortcut in an onscreen window, just click on it. You may click the "Go." button for shortcuts that require some text, or hit "Enter" if the text field is selected.

To open shortcuts in a new window, click on the new window icon.

Some shortcuts require text as input. To fill in the text, you can manually type in text, or you can highlight text on the page.

Shortcuts which use a URL as a parameter will allow links from the current page to be dragged and dropped right onto them. For example, you can drag and drop a link onto the "shorten this URL" shortcut. To see which shortcuts allow this, start dragging a link. All eligible shortcuts will turn a green-ish color indicating that you can drop the link onto them. To open results in a new window or tag, drop the item onto the shortcut's new window icon .
How to find and add shortcuts
To find shortcuts, go to the "Quick Find" menu.

Enter a search term in the box and hit enter or click "Go." Results will appear which you can use, or add to your Toolbar by dragging and dropping them. You can drag and drop entire folders, or just shortcuts, it's up to you.

Another useful feature is "Find related shortcuts". If you are currently viewing, for example, clicking "Find related shortcuts" will find shortcuts and tools that have to do with
Tools are snippets of javascript. They generally alter the page you are viewing to add functionality or features. Tools are denoted by having a Javascript icon.
How to use tools
To run a tool, just click on it. A "loading..." box will temporarily cover the Tool as the Javascript code is running. When it is complete, it will say "Done" and fade away.

Please note that running Tools on websites they are not intended for may have undesired consequences.
How to find and add tools
Tools are found in the same manner as finding shortcuts. Use Quick Find to search for them, and drag and drop them into Dashler.
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